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What began in June, 2000 as the first weekly Classic Film Series in the El Paso Southwest, returns as an ongoing film series—now having grown to offering both monthly and weekly!


SFS meets MONTHLY (either on Saturday or Sunday) at Ardovino's Desert Crossing in Sunland Park. Come out early or stay late for cocktails and dinner. See map and directions.


And now SFS meets WEEKLY at the International Museum of Art in downtown El Paso.


*BOTH film venues are FREE of charge to the public.*


Jay Duncan, host, the Sunset Film Society and founder, CEO of Jay's Pix Presents.Hosted by life long film fan, historian, archivist, writer and collector Jay Duncan. When it comes to the magic of the motion picture, Jay enthusiastically shares his wealth of knowledge, personal exhibits of his own movie memorabilia and in-depth behind-the-scenes knowledge with each and every screening.


Join Jay as he hosts the ever popular Sunset Film Society series and get to know first-hand what everyone is talking about!


For more information and to make reservations, please email Jay.


NOTE: All presentations will include added attractions to simulate the original movie-going experience.  It might be a cartoon, short, featurette or serial chapter.


Experience the CLASSIC FILM SERIES presentations:


•  Historical background of each film presentation

•  Film(s) showing

•  Post presentation: discussions, questions & answers, audience participation.

•  Education and insight into the cultural significance of FILM as an “Artistic Medium”

•  Information on the Sunset Film Society

“The Art of Cinematography calls for so much experiment, necessitates so many kinds of activity and requires so much sustained attention, that I do not hesitate to say in all sincerity that it is the most alluring and the most interesting of all the Arts, for it makes use of virtually all of them—drawing, painting, the drama, sculpture, architecture, mechanics and manual labor of every sort are called into play in pursuing this extraordinary profession.”

                                                                           — Georges Melies 1861-1938, French Film Pioneer


MONTHLY - Film Series




12 Noon


Monty Python & The Holy Grail

(Columbia: 1974)

90 minutes, Color


The Python comedy troop's second feature tackles the legend of King Arthur and the medieval quest for the Holy Grail.

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The Best of Benny Hill

(Studio Canal: 1974)

87 minutes, Color


We will be presenting some of the absolute best examples of this singular entertainer's timeless humor and song.

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The SUNSET FILM SOCIETY in association with Ardovino's Desert Crossing, presents a double-dose of BS (British Satire). Join us for an excursion into the madcap lunacy of England's premier comedy troop, Monty Python and the best of Benny Hill...all on the same outrageous program!

As we enter the Fall and prepare for the upcoming Presidential election in November, the SUNSET FILM SOCIETY in association with the International Museum Of Art, presents a quartet of important films. In a world of escalating  political unrest, these 4 thought-provoking and visionary films contain cautionary messages and themes of Individualism, Tolerance, Non-conformity, Pacifism, the effects of Unbridled Power...and Divine Intervention.

September 3rd ~ 2 pm




(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer: 1933) 86 minutes, Black & White


Starring: Walter Huston, Karen Morley, Franchot Tone


A "lost" treasure from 1933, Gabriel  is an American Pre-Code film starring Walter Huston (John's father) that has been  described as a "bizarre political fantasy". The movie is a one-of-a-kind; quite  unlike anything you've ever seen before...yet quite contemporary and timely in the subject matter. The film was directed by Gregory La Cava and Carey Wilson wrote the screenplay based upon the novel Rinehard  by Thomas Frederic Tweed. He received no screen credit, but received the financial  backing and creative input of William Randolph Hearst.


September 10th ~ 2 pm




(RKO: 1948) 82 minutes, Technicolor


Starring:  Dean Stockwell, Pat O'Brien, Barbara Hale, Robert Ryan


A thought-provoking  post-World War II plea for peace, tolerance and understanding  as a war orphan's hair turns green overnight. Why? What is the message meant to evoke? Directed by Joseph Losey (debut). Memorable theme song "Nature Boy" became a hit when sung by Nat "King" Cole.

September 17th ~ 2 pm




(20th Century-Fox: 1951) 92 minutes, Black & White


Starring:  Michael Rennie, Patricia Neal, Billy Gray


Applauded as one of greatest Science Fiction films of all time, this classic has become a hallmark of  the best of the genre as well as a wry commentary on the political climate of the 50s. Although posing as Science Fiction, it is truly about the Human Condition, thus having a strong following and admiration by those not interested in SF. The film reflects a social parable as a spacecraft lands on the Washington, D.C. Mall, with its gentle alien messenger KLAATU (Michael Rennie) and robot GORT arriving with a warning for the people of Earth. Referring to all governments on our planet and their irresponsible testing & use of nuclear power, its escalation will not be tolerated, which could endanger  the inhabitants of the other planets. His message is echoed by a majority of the population, but not so by those in control. Sound familiar? A quiet & observant view highlights both the good & bad in human nature. Timeless...and a must-see by everyone; especially our world's leaders! Screenplay by Edmund H. North (PATTON). Directed by multi-Academy Award winner Robert Wise (WEST SIDE STORY, THE SOUND OF MUSIC, THE SAND PEBBLES). Brilliant music score by the always-superb Bernard Herrmann.

September 24th ~ 2 pm




(United Artists: 1959) 134 minutes, Black & White


Starring:  Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire, Anthony Perkins. Music by Ernest Gold, effectively employing the melody "Waltzing Matilda".


Based on Nevil Shute's 1957 best-selling novel of the same name, socially conscious producer-director Stanley Kramer (JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER) has assembled an important and prestigious cast to depict a nuclear war and its aftermath . During 1964, in the months following World War III, the conflict has devastated the Northern Hemisphere, polluting the atmosphere with nuclear fallout and killing all life there. Air currents are slowly carrying the fallout south; the only areas still habitable are in the far reaches of the Southern Hemisphere and Australia...where they await their destiny. The final shot is devastating and will leave a lump in your throat!

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WEEKLY - Film Series


 Saturdays at 2:00 PM



Hosted at

The El Paso

International Museum of Art


1211 Montana Avenue



Free Admission & Free Parking!


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